Hi, I'm Aaron Schlesinger.

I'm a Software Engineer, Speaker, Blogger, Teacher, and Soccer Fanatic.

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What I Do

Sr. Member of the Technical Staff, PayPal

I build backend software that powers PayPal's millions of transactions every day. I also teach and speak about technology and software engineering practices.


I speak on several topics that I'm passionate about, including backend systems, concurrency, DevOps technologies, and changing software teams. Get in touch with me if you're interested in having me speak.

Open Source Developer

I believe the best software is made in the open. I've open sourced software inside small and large companies, individually, and contributed to existing projects. I'm currently particularly interested in distributed database and cluster scheduling technologies. And I love writing anything in Go.

Recent Projects

Here are a few projects I've been working on. See my GitHub page for more.


A powerful REST client for Scala and Java.


Common Scala libraries and patterns we use at PayPal.


Our custom SBT plugin for PayPal Scala projects.